~ The Red Hawk ~

I soar with my brothers the eagle and the falcon and the crow,
My wisdom is strong and willing and my powers they all know.
Unlike my brothers my powers are God given greater for my use,
I defend my family with my life and will accept no abuse.

I differ from my brothers with my vision
nocturnal and more clear,
I can maneuver in so many places that they seem to often fear.
My mate is permanent I am male the smallest of my breed,
My young will never be abandoned I will starve to see them eat.

My colors are red to camouflage me in my flight.
For I  am a hunter on the wing both day and night.
I take only what my family needs to survive,
To over hunt my terrain would be foolish and then I would die.

Some day you may see one of my kind hovering over your sky,
My range is large I  live in many states and placed second by all.
Now I am protected and sanctioned as state bird in many states,
Who am I?  I am the Red Hawk let there be no mistake.

R. Brent
2004 used with permission

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