The Red Hawk is a great hunter of prey
and guardian for Warriors of yesterday
He was spirit guide for Chief Crazy Horse
Together they were a brave and mighty force

Today the Red Hawk is still in flight
a symbol of courage and defending rights
The White Buffalo Calf Woman came with a plan
and to the Red Hawk reached out her hand ...

Creator had chosen him of all the birds
To spread among the peoples His Word
To take the message to his human brothers
So we can save our Sacred Mother ...

He was chosen, the mighty Red Tail
for his strength of spirit will prevail
Watch! The Red Hawks are in flight ...
Bringing a message of peace and Light

On the Red Hawk's mighty wings
there is a great message of hope he brings ...!
You must keep the Sacred fires burning
for the wisdom of the old ways is returning

Take the Sacred Pipe to heart and hand ...
so we may save our Mother Earthland
As the Red Hawk climbs the currents of air
he is carrying to Creator all our Prayers ...

Today Ancient prophecies are coming true
and only the Prayers of the faithful few
are all that is saving our Sacred Mother
from the dark evil greed of others

This is a wake-up call to all races
whether you are full blood or breed
It is your Prayers the Sacred Mother needs
Blessed by Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery
Let this message soar the winds free ...

Heyapi! AHO!

Barbara LaBarbera 2005

* ~ Notes from the Red Hawk ~

The Red Hawk is a Bird of Vision and Wisdom,
and can see far into the future.
Fast in flight and fearing nothing,
Red Hawks can climb the air currents
til it's out of man's sight
and can dive at over 100 miles per hour.
When Crazy Horse was in Battle
the hawk guided him and warned him of danger.
Today Grandfather still uses the Red hawk
for spreading his message.
The Buffalo Woman came to the Red Hawk
to give the power of help in the Sacred Smoke.
She is pleading with Man to stop
this wanton greed or the Sacred Mother earth
will bring down her wrath among man
Richard Red Hawk ~ Lakota


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