Sometimes a very special friend
Comes right into our heart
Their smile radiating
As they come walking up our path

Life exploding as a breath of sunshine
Bursting forth a beauty very rare
From a heart aglow with joy
Abundant love to share

What gives to them this gift
A gentle beauty heaven-sent
Where does the warmth come from
Another heart to bless

From a natural overflow
Of a loveliness within
You know there must be hidden secrets
From everywhere they've been

And deep down you know
The heart of God is all they give
As you find more of our Lord Jesus
In every way they live

Which makes us want to say thank you
To the Lord, for every precious friend
Who gives us everlasting love
That never ever ends


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Hugs to keep you warm
and love to keep you going,
to let you know you are
so very special to me.

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