Rejoice for me today
About my loved one going far away,
As when you find some joy to flow
Hold me close, so some comfort I will know.
Rejoice for me again tomorrow
I may be then also, too filled with sorrow,
You might speak of my angel going home
But, I just feel so all alone.
Rejoice for me, yet a little while
For I cannot yet, find my smile,
A deep shadow turned out the morning light
Now, I'm sitting in the darkest night.
Rejoice for me as you hold my hand
How else can I understand,
My love has been torn from me
Stay with me, until a better day I see.
Rejoice for me with a love from the Lord
Maybe read a little from His word,
My eyes still weep, I'm feeling cold
I need a lot of warmth to hold.
Rejoice for me about it all
Like why my beloved shall hurt no more,
But, how long shall I feel so numb
Please pray for me, that a brighter day may come.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission
"As time gently eases grief
may beautiful miracles
restore the joy
That has been taken from the heart"



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Midi "Heavenly Moments" is used with permission
copyright 2002 Geoff Anderson

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