~ Remembering 9-11 ~

We will never forget.
We will always remember
That dark Tuesday morn
In mid September!

When our country in tragedy
Was so torn apart;
Yet brought back together
In spirit and heart!

When buildings exploded
And fell to the ground;
And Flight Ninety Three
In a small field went down.

Where man attempted to fly
Where angels have trod;
And evil laughter ascended,
Mocking our God!

"Where is your God, NOW?"
I've heard one man had said.
I'm certain he knows now,
As that same man lies dead!

But, over and over,
God has spoken to our souls.
"Have no fear, my children,
I'm STILL in control!"

Five years have passed
Since that tragic day:
Five years of pain
In their passing away.

What have we learned
Since that death bell has tolled?
"Have NO fear, my children.
I AM in control!"

May all men remember,
Let NO man forget
How He's thwarted their efforts!
God's in control, YET!

Lynn King 2006

I am whom I am but by the grace, love and unending mercy of the Lord! I am but His conduit! To God I give ALL the praise, honor and glory!"

Exodus 23:20-22

Behold, I send an angel 'fore thee,
to keep thee in the way,
and to bring thee into the place I have prepared.
Beware of him and obey his voice,
 provoke him not;
he will not pardon your transgressions;
 for my name is in him.
But if thou shall indeed obey his voice,
 and do all that I speak;
then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies
and an adversary unto thine adversaries.


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