~ Remembering Dad As Always ~

A day of loving Dad is here once more
On this day, as always, you so gently mourn,
For your father gone on home with angels
Where his heart has been re-born.

You try to keep your brightest smile
So those around may never know,
But deep inside a little cry still lingers
For you miss your daddy so.

You'd love to walk again, holding to his hand
For him, you're lonesome all the while,
As you try to be glad he is at home
Restored with his sweet smile.

God took him when His time was right
You know, no more suffering he will see,
For now every burden of his loving heart
Is at rest eternally.

How you cherish all the special ways
He poured forth of his tender love,
Giving selflessly, now in peaceful joy forever
Rewarded in his Lord above.

Your treasured Dad, kept in your memory
How you miss the Father you adore,
But one day soon you will be together
Close, just like you were before.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

God bless and comfort you today and every day
in the missing of the Dad that was yours,
(until the new day dawns)

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midi by Bill Sandy

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