~ Remembering ~
On This Memorial Day

Our brothers and sisters have served
their country,
We honor, pay tribute to all
they have done.
Our land is free and should
welcome everyone,
As we pay our respects and salute
all the heroes they've become.

Memorial Day has been set aside
this day in May,
To remember their choices
their lives this day.
Putting flowers and
flags on their graves,
Their good deeds for country
will be engraved.

We pray as we remember
the God above,
Who welcomed them
with arms of love.
We kneel at the graveside
for we love so much,
As we gently trace
their name with our touch.

Looking to the heavens
for signs we trust,
Seeing the dove flying
their lives we entrust.
God is so good and
gathers His flock,
We'll see them someday
at heaven's dock.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 5/17/07

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