~ Remembering To Smile ~
 Don't cry my friend at what you've lost
But smile at what you've had
Be happy for the time spent together
Remembering will make you feel glad.
Dry your eyes and continue on
This is something you must do
How do you expect to heal inside
If you're continually feeling blue.
The death of a loved one can take its toll
It can tear you up inside
But good memories help to ease the pain
And your smile you shouldn't hide.
Talk of the many happy times
Share them with family and friends
The sadness you are now experiencing
I promise will come to an end.
And when your time eventually comes
And the Good Lord calls you home
So willingly you will go to him
And you will not be there alone.
Don't give up on life or crawl within
Don't mope or sob or cry
For their spirit lives on beside you
Their spirit never did die.
Chee Chee Martin 5-11-05

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