If I have left a memory, and my name is called,
do not weep,
For I am with you in full spirit,
I do not sleep.
Dancing with the eternal winds that blow,
I am the diamond glint in the fresh autumn snow.

When gentle sunlight dancing on ripened grain field,
Or a warm autumn rain that deep in your heart you felt.
When you awake in the morning silent hush,
Let me be your swift uplifting rush.

Like a quiet bird in high circling flight,
And the warmth of a soft summer night.
Do not think of our days lost, with tears that cared
But remember our joys and all the love we shared.

The years past has made a mark deep into my soul,
I have been taught to be graceful turning old.
I have no regrets for the life I have lived
or what I have done.
I put myself equal to others, but second to none,
And always holding the great spirit as number one...

By R.BRENT  2005
(SUNDOWN) a Cherokee



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