~ Reminiscing ~

I still have our concert stubs
Your letter sweater and class ring
Numerous faded photographs
Your crown when you were named Prom King.

All the love letters you sent to me
A dried up corsage from a dance long ago
Cards from all the past holidays
Remembering the first time you said hello.
Listening to our favorite song
Touching a lock of your hair
Sea shells we gathered from the ocean's edge
Kissing me on a dare.

The smell of the cologne you once wore
Our favorite place to hang out
Cherry cokes, cheeseburgers, and french fries
Going to our friends for a cook-out.

Telephone conversations that lasted for hours
Parking out on lover's lane
Kissing, hugging, and listening to music
Laughing when we got caught in the rain.
All the times we went to the movies
Riding around town in your car
Having a picnic in the park
Listening while you played your guitar.

It's been over fifty years ago
Since you asked me to be your wife
Just reminiscing of when we were young
And so thankful you're a part of my life.


Chee Chee Martin



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