The spirit of renewal
alive and giving birth
daffodils and crocus
heads peeking from the earth

Smells and sounds surround me
the air is fresh and clean
critters playing leapfrog
in the meadows green


Trees that once stood naked
have thawed from winter storms
now dressed in pretty garments
birds nestled in their arms

Nights bring peace and harmony
a calm within the breeze
spring and all its glory
hopscotches in reprieve


Tiptoes into vision
arrives with gentle sigh
cradles us with comfort
like Mother's lullaby

Sun will greet the morning
to start a brand new day
robin's seeking breakfast
squirrels hard at play


Our moods will find a balance
'n smile with nature's song
the magic of His wonder
will carry us along

Soon butterflies will flutter
the skeeta's taunt and tease
feel the kiss of nature
placed upon your cheek


Hear the spirit's whisper
carried from the hills
stop, look and listen
let troubled thoughts be stilled

His canvas full of color
leave imprints in my heart
the spirit of renewal
in a tapestry of art


Rose Marie Streeter 2006



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