~ Respite On A Harvest Night ~
Silver slips, crescent-shaped
Behind a wall of mist
Cloud ocean in the sky
Stars begging to be kissed

A pleasant autumn scene
Still warm, this night of splendor
'Tis neither good nor mean
As far as I remember

No peace in the valley yet
Work-all-day harvest calls
Laboring until sunset
Sun golden on garden walls

A supper, good and hearty
As dusk comes creeping in
No time for sleep or party
As Sandman calls again

Cloud-fingers softly sifting
The moon a silver smile
Across the sky dreams drifting
All at rest a little while

Faerie's Heart Songs
Tracy R. Cardinet © 2007

When slumbering, so peacefully
I gently close my eyes
such in my dreams becoming friend
'tis but the night's surprise

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