Returning Traveler

I've been to other states,
enjoying the forests of trees,
the cuisine, the people and all the treats.

It's a different world,
savoring the diffuse smells,
viewing the new sights and so many eats,

Yet coming home all is well,
comforting to see familiar things,
greeting people, so happy at heart.

Another special welcome is awaiting me,
unseen to the world I'm in,
when God does send for me, I'll be happy to depart.

Can't you just picture the gates of heaven,
opening up in all their splendor,
Jesus, standing within, with outstretched arms.

I've been there, done that,
experiencing the earthly stress-filled life,
Yet none can compare to His love nor gracious charm.

My journey is not completed yet,
but I know what awaits me,
God's Word opens the heavens for you and me.

In wonderment and awe I stand,
beholding the glory of Him,
My Creator, the Magnificent, God in three.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006

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