Little wolf's story

On a small Northern Farm,
a litter of Wolf Pups was born,
of the three males and two females,
one male Puppy seemed different ...

While the others played and wrestled
the little male wolf would go to the door
and look out at the world around him.
At night while the others slept
he would go to look out at the moon and stars
and listen to the creatures of the night.

He had a distant yearning calling to him
and would listen to the wind for signs
of a special call of the wild.
As he grew older the yearning got stronger
and he could find no peace.

The Spirits of his past ancestors
were calling to him in a special way.
He was not happy being confined in the barn,
he needed to run free with the wind.

One night as he was looking at the full moon
he heard a sound in the distance ...
It seemed to come from the Far North
He listened very closely ...
it sounded like the call of a wolf.

He felt something stir in his heart.
He thought, what is this howling I hear ...
and he put his head up facing the Moon
and tried to howl a return call.

He was a little off key,
but in the distance a return call came.
His heart pounded and he felt something inside.
When his brothers and sisters told him to sleep
and stop chasing rainbows, he ignored them
and walked out into the night.

Soon the wind brought the calls to him
again and again.
Returning the calls, he knew now who he was ...
He knew he could never be happy being
a slave to man.

He felt a serge of strength enter his body
and knew he must follow the calls
coming to him in the wind.
He waited for all of his brothers
and sisters to fall asleep,
then crept out of the barn slowly and silently.

He put his head up to the wind
and found the direction the calls were coming from.
He raced in that direction of the calls ...
crossing many waters and jumping many fences
but soon he was free from man's society ...

He ran for many days
only resting long enough to find food.
He knew he had to find his own kind
and nothing would stop him.

The louder the calls became,
the stronger his will grew ...!
As he got closer and closer ...
he could hear the calls getting louder.

He would stop and howl back.
Soon he was in a deep forest
and saw shadows in the darkness.
He was happily running free
and could sense the many wolves running
with him and all around him ...

He stopped and gave a howl
and was answered by many in all directions.
His heart leaped with joy ...
as he rolled in the pine needles
and waited for them to come to him.

Soon a big Black Male Alpha Wolf
came up to him and welcomed him to the pack.
Then the other wolves came out to greet him
and welcome him home ...
as their playful howls filled the night
the sky spirits looked down and smiled,
for Little wolf had returned to the wild ...

Richard Red Hawk ~ Lakota
2006 used with permission


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