Are You a Rich Christian or a Poor Christian?

Rich Christians have a bank full of friends,
Poor Christians distance themselves,
Rich Christians go on vacation with God,
Poor Christians leave God at home,
Rich Christians, when they
See a brother or sister in need,
Do not pat them on the back
And say, “Go and be filled.”
Poor Christians do not understand
The riches of giving freely,
Rich Christians are compassionate,
Poor Christians are self-centered,
Rich Christians bask in God’s sunlight,
Poor Christians pull the shades down,
Rich Christians visit the shut-ins,
Poor Christians stay at home,
Rich Christians talk to God
Twenty-four seven,
Poor Christians only call on God
When they have a crisis,
A Rich Christian’s word is his bond
A Poor Christian wavers

Rich Christians lay up their treasures in Heaven
Where moth and rust do not corrupt and thieves
Do not enter in.
Matthew 6:20

Where are your treasures?

Janice B. Marler © March 1, 2007

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