~ Ride A Cloud With Me ~

Soaring 'cross the sky as an eagle
Words dancing across the page
To bring alive a sonnet in fiction
Poet, thoughts and pen engage

Nothing is impossible
That crosses my creative mind
Making magical moments happen
Thoughts rush to form each line

Riding clouds to distant places
Where no one's been before
I've opened up another world
Behind a magical door

What will I see this time,
Fantasy, triumph or tragedy?
The pictures are now unfolding
Take a look at my thoughts and see

I'm speeding 'cross the Milky Way
Where angels and fairies play
Who sprinkle stardust in the night
Send warm sunbeams by day

Viewing now the rainbow's end
But there's no pot of gold
Pardon me, but what I see
Are wonders never told

Diamonds scattered everywhere
Streets are paved with gold
I've found the place of perfect peace
Now my story must be told

In the distance I hear a melody
'Tis where the winds come from
On the other side, a crystal sea
That brings such soothing calm

Looking through a black hole out there
Until I see the sparkling sight
Then I wait to see the rays break through
Changing darkness into light

This is the place where dreams are made
There is so much here to see
Am I in a dream of my own?
Is this real or fantasy?

There's no such thing as fairytales
For all dreams do come true
Just come and ride a cloud with me
To this land beyond the blue

You'll be in your magic moment then
See all you've been searching for
The place where all our dreams are made
Behind this golden door

I leave you now to question
Whether fact or fantasy
You are left to wonder now
After riding a cloud with me


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