The Rock

In a family, there always will be tests
As everyone surrounding us,
Can't always be their best

But with love, and much support
We can accomplish all our dreams
As everything's, not always how it seems

There must be a grounding, to help us in our walk
To strengthen family ties, and life
So we focus on more, than just our strife

Jesus is "The Rock" we seek, from day to day
Keeping us in tune with one another
Giving us compassion for our brother

Leaning on "The Rock" when trouble seems to loom
Will keep a family together through all
Just listen to your heart, hear God call

Look to the cross together, as this is what keeps
A family together, through thick and thin
Bow on knee together, let God's light shine within

Stay with "The Rock", you can't go wrong
Teach each other the principles God gave
And that His love will always save.

Don't fear the coming storm, as if you're doomed
Keep close together in God's love
And set your heart, on everything above.


Debbie Looney 08/10/2007


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The beautiful print used here is entitled "Coming Storm" Danny Hahlbohm

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