The Rope

Of Hope

I've reached the end of my rope,
My nerves are shattered.
My composure is shrieking,
I am incomplete, unable to cope.

This is when the darkness sets in,
My hope is in Jesus Christ.
He is my Savior and Friend,
He guides me when I'm in a tailspin.

Would I just realize the truth of striving,
Reading the Bible and God's Word.
Verses to sustain me through,
The dark times of life I am surviving.

Awakening to my buried common sense,
I put on the armor of God.
Knowing where my strength comes from,
Being courageous with no offenses.

I am not alone even when distraught,
My good does come from God.
He is without and within me,
Protecting me as I was taught.

So how could I be so single-minded,
I have the Savior, God himself.
And the Holy Spirit who directs me,
My eyes and mind were simply blinded.

Now I sing a different joyous song,
My voice is raised up so loud.
Praising, glorifying my Holy, Loving God,
Who tells me I am His, I belong.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2005

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