~ Runaways ~

Racing the wind, object in mind,
Two distance shapes coming from behind.

Dashing and darting among the big rocks,
Yapping, disturbing the grazing flock.

On you two, my sheep are not game.
Look you have scattered them and one is lame!

Hiding from me and playing around,
Two hounds who have not yet learned to stay within bounds.

The sheep and the lambs gather them up,
They've wandered afar because of your gruff.

Look at that, you both are learning,
To lead the flock and keep from sojourning.

I with my staff and a voice so strong,
Will teach you, so you do no wrong.

The sheep look towards me when I call,
My life's mission is for fulfillment of all.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2008

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