The Sacred Grove gave promise
Of things, that were to come
A Covenant of a future life
In Gods eternal home

Jesus lay weeping, at a tree
With His Apostles standing by
Praying down on bended knee
With arms, risen to the sky

With pleading Jesus sent requests
Up to His Father, in Heaven above
To take this burdensome cup from him
Give to Him peace, show His great love

But to no avail, was His asking
For these things were meant to be
Jesus would lose His life
As a sacrifice for you, and me

A sacrifice of biblical proportions
One perfect man, with no evil found within
One perfect man, to take on all our wickedness
One perfect man, racked with all OUR SIN!

This was the ultimate love shown
To a world so filled with vile
A world God created for living life
Walking close to Him, every mile

This Sacred Grove should be remembered
From shore to shore, and sea to sea
It is where Jesus, conceded to the plan
To give me Life Eternally

Debbie Looney  2005

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