~ Sacrifices Made ~

There is someone I know very dear
Who, with much sacrifice gave up a year
Of time, to be with her love so true
To let him grieve in the way he needed to

She was there to help him on his path
To shake off his grief to strengthen his heart
She was heaven sent to this blessed man
As if the Lord already had it planned

This same man at times chose not to grieve
So his sons had someone on whom to lean
He had to be strong, though he felt very weak
So held back the tears flowing down his cheeks

But later he was given the time that he needed
When he knew his family was not defeated
The Lord always looks out for those who are weak
So His healing can then be received

Sacrifices made by this special couple
Kept them together, even through every stumble
Taking them closer to heaven's own gate
In the selfless way that they freely gave

It taught me that if you choose to believe
In someone, where your troubles you can leave
Then in His hands, comfort we can seek
The Lord is always there, especially when we're weak


Gary Salter 2005

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