~ Safe In The Harbor ~

I, your loved one slipped away
Though you pleaded please don't go,
As you held me tightly
All your love to show, that I may surely know.
But my precious heart is spent
Needing now to rest,
Buffeted by life's storms
God with His loving heart, only seeks to bless.
Calling, dear one, fret not for the ship
Who has been sailing a long while,
Battered by the winds of life
And the waves of trial, mile after weary mile.
God knows the perfect time and place
That my course is done,
On finishing all He wanted
He called for me to come, for now my journey's run.
Celebrate my passage over stormy seas,
For I have made it through,
I have loved and cared for many years
Weep for your loss, but be happy for me too.
It may seem a winter long of pain,
For me to slip into the ground,
But spring has burst for me
Oh hear the angels sound, heaven's where I'm bound.
My spirit now sails forever free
Opened up in everlasting love,
You will ache for my presence
But with wings of a gull, I soar in the wonder above.
Turn around now..... and see all the little ships
Waiting on the shore,
Love them out to the bay of life
In memory of me, with all the love that I lived for.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission

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Midi "Missing You" by Yuko Ohigashi
2003 used with permission


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