~ Safe in the Master's Love ~

I had just lost my dog of almost ten years,
I was bitter and sobbing, drowning in tears.
I had cried from early morn till late that night,
As I prepared for bed, and turned out the light.

I had just laid down on my side of the bed,
On to my side I turned and laid down my head.
I looked over and what a truly amazing sight,
Jesus was standing to my right.

Not one word did he speak, His eyes said it all,
Behold , I was at peace , with the Savior I saw.
Suddenly I knew my dog was with this man,
Freed from her cancer, cured by His healing hand.

Jesus knew how bad I was hurting inside,
And that a big part of me had also died.
He came to assure me, Dogs go to Heaven too,
And I saw this through His eyes of blue.

He showed me she was running down streets of gold,
She was a puppy again, she was no longer old.
She was with Corky , another beloved pet taken from me,
And he was no longer blind, that little fella' could see.

They are finally home, safe in the Master's care,
Guarded by thousands of Angels who live with them there.
Soon I'll make that journey home to Heaven above,
Where I too will be safe and secure in the Master's Love !!

Brenda D King 2005
Dedicated to my Beloved pet Fanci & others, already gone Home !!

This is a very very true story, put into a poet's words !!
Dog's Do Go to Heaven !!


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