~ Santa's Prayer ~

Now 'twas the most awaited night of all the rolling year,
When goodly people everywhere are filled with Hope and Cheer;
And Santa's sleigh was packed and stuffed with gifts of every kind,
As all the reindeer stamped their hooves and made the sleigh-bells chime.
Then Santa, dressed in all his best, knelt down and bowed his head
To ask the Lord for His accord . . . And this is what he said:

"Dear Father, bless my work tonight, and all to whom I bring
These presents, toys, and Christmas joys as festive carols ring.
For only by Your boundless grace may I complete my task
To spread Goodwill and Happiness; and also I would ask
That all will understand the reason why I do this thing:
To celebrate our Savior's birth and honor Christ the King."

"Please bless the ones who help me, Lord; they know as well as I
That Love is not a thing that any wealth could ever buy;
And thank you, Lord, for all Your gifts that aid me in my quest,
For only now, on Christmas Eve, is Time at my behest,
That I may visit every Christian home within one night,
Transported by my reindeer-friends who have the gift of flight!"

"My sack is packed with everything for which the children wish:
A great supply---as Jesus made with loaves of bread and fish!
So with Your help, O Lord, I'll enter into each abode
To fill the stockings all with care---as Wise Men once bestowed
Their finest gifts upon a special child: Your precious Son;
In homage, love, and adoration for the Holy One."

"And so I seek Your blessings, Lord, on everything I do
Before I fly into the sky to see my mission through.
I've never sought for accolades, nor any laud nor fame;
The things I do are all for Christ, to glorify His name.
So may my labor honor Him, that everyone may see
How all the greatest gifts have come from you---and not from me."

Roy Richards © 2008

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