~ Santa's Surprise Visit ~
Settling down at sun's last rays,
I slipped into my warm as toast P.J.'s
Just as I begin to get comfy
I hear a knock at the door,
"Who is it?" I ask,
As my feet hit the floor;
There was a short pause,
When came his reply, "Why it's me Santa Claus."
"Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to
Come down my chimney
With a Ho-Ho-Ho?"
I asked with a sneer,
"No more chimney's
For me my dear."
"In seasons past I've fallen
Down chimneys and broken my,"
Another pause,
"I'm tired of being battered
And bruised,
And I'm tired of getting soot all over
My patent leather shoes,
So now I tote this bag
Full of Christmas toys
Great and small,
From house to house,
Climbing stairs just to
Deliver them all."
I laughed at the story told
By this jolly old elf;
Trusting my instincts
I opened the door,
No one was there,
But on the floor
Lay a candy cane,
A gigantic teddy bear,
Presents wrapped in Christmas red,
Why he even left me a
Nightcap for my head.
Instead of going to bed,
Where I really wanted to be,
I decided to share with others
What this sweet old man
Had shared with me, 
This jolly little man
Who knocked on my door,
Had been none other than Santa himself,
Finishing his chores.
I was headed out when
I heard a commotion on the roof,
Yes, it was the pitter-patter of
Reindeer hooves.
I rushed to the window in time
To see Santa take flight,
He was singing a familiar tune,
As he flew out of sight,
The song he sang?

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