~ Satisfied ~

If I was told my life would end
This day I now enjoy
I pray that I will make it home
See Jesus in all His Glory

I want my time to count for Him,
By winning all the lost
That He has assigned to me
To win at any cost

I want to overcome all things
that displease my Lord on high
I want my soul to be ready
When I shall have to die

But many things there are to do
To bring the lost ones in
I must go out, reach down in love
And gather them for Him

If not me? Who will it be?
That does my share of things
To help the lost get ready
To meet the King of Kings

I'll answer only for myself
If I neglect His will
Fail to pray for all the lost
Point souls to Calvary's hill

I am working daily as I go
For time is short I see
No time to turn away from Him
I want Him, to be satisfied with me

Betty Hill 2005

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