~ Save Me A Dream ~

Save me a dream, one I can keep
Deep in my heart, give me a start
In the night so dark and warm
Kiss my lips so tenderly
Please let me hold your memory

Save me a dream, my dearest love
Let me see tears in your eyes
May each drop rain on me tonight
Like dark skies fill with falling stars
In soft moon light, feel my heart
Filled with love that never dies
Hold me up to ever be
A sparkling diamond in the sky

Save me a dream, my sweetest love
Let me be the one with you
Feel my heart forever true
Hug me, touch me, be right there
Tell me you will always care

In the depths of darkness round
And when the sun's behind the clouds
Save me a dream, of life we've seen
How you have cared where e'er we've been,
I love you so, you love me too
Sweet dreams are made of me and you

We will dance life joyfully
As we were always meant to be
Save me a dream, smile here at me
I'll live my dreamtime now with you
In our love forever true

Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet


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