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~ Say A Prayer For Me ~

I look to the Heavens at God's wonderful art
I wonder how it all came to be
Dearest Lord, in your grace
say a prayer for me

Say it for my heart, Dear God,
to have peace within my soul
Only The Great "I AM",
can ever make me whole

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Say a prayer for me, Holy Father,
in this path, you alone have made
I bow my head, on bended knee,
and send my love today

Say a prayer for me, Dear God
as I lean upon Your arms
Let Thy eternal mercy,
protect me from all harm

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Stay with me, Dear Master
as I pass along this life
Send me one of your angels,
blessed in Your sight

I hold my hands on high,
for you alone to reach
Say a prayer for me dear Father
one I can always keep.

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Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet



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Midi Sequence (P) 2002 Lee Kurt Holder

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