~ The Scarecrow ~

As I arrived home one day
In our garden patch I could see
Someone standing, who could it be,
I could not tell from so far away.

I got out of the car and stood
Looked like a man in a straw hat to me,
His clothes did not look very good
So shabby they seemed to be.

He was standing so still, too,
Not moving around at all.
I wondered what I could do,
I decided maybe I should call.

He did not bother to answer me,
I really did not understand.
I became curious as could be
Because he never moved a hand.

Why did he stand in that one spot,
I began to wonder if he heard or not.
When He did not answer me
I knew I had to go and see.

I walked forward as fast as I could
To the garden patch where he stood.
What I felt you will never begin to know
When I saw that it was an old scarecrow.

No one had bothered to let me know
My dad had fixed it up not long ago.
And as the years come and go
I have not forgotten that old scarecrow.

Glenna M. Baugh 2005
Living by Faith

"Memories are very precious"
Quote by Glenna

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