~ A Scary Time ~

A scary time is approaching us
Ghosts and goblins will walk the streets
They'll knock on your doors, some will be on all fours
And demand that you give them a treat.

And if you happen to be out this night
Don't be surprised at what you might see
Creatures of the night, afraid of the light
They'll be out to scare you and me.

Not only do they walk all the streets
But if there happens to be a full moon
Look up in the sky, you won't believe your eyes
Witches galore are straddling their brooms.

Shrill laughter and screams can be heard
Blood and goo is everywhere
They're out to get you, that's what they do
They intend to give us a scare.

Just keep some treats ready on hand
And don't shriek or run away
Don't act surprised, by their disguise
And listen to what they say.


CheeChee Martin 2006 
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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