~ Scent Of Love ~

There is the scent of love
under girding the promises of life
In our being, in our need
to sense the miracle
of God's love as our very essence

So that His love becomes more
than wanting to be right
and to understand that
each of us can stumble and get upset
when it's too dark in the night

For sometimes life is so much more
than we can ever dare to cope
But, if we hold true
then God will bring us His abiding hope

For our hearts to be big enough
to begin anew upon tomorrow
and let yesterday slide away
to keep it's passing sorrow

When sometimes, some days
we can't give of our best
and utter in the confusion
things that are never meant

We learn somehow to live above
mistakes and little flaws
and not demand perfection
but cry unto the Lord

For the kindness every day
to forgive another....
and ourselves, the more

Thus in the never ending miracle
of love's abiding essence
we will rise each day, to walk onward
ever upward
in eternal loveliness


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

I may not be where I want to be,
but I'm not where I used to be,
I'm heading where I'm meant to be
for God is watching over me."
Terri McPherson

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