We looked...and wondered if we knew
If this eye connection was true
From that moment, to never want to look away
My heart forever locked on you

Gazing, reaching, lashes dropping, gazing more
To find all we hadn't seen before
Depths of feeling exploding fireworks
Within, the tantalizing draw

Pausing tentatively, wondering
What might this ever be
Swirling, holding, releasing, encircling
Is this love, compelling me

O Lord, we cry with depth of soul
Where then have we been
How could this come to be, to find
Is this the one, you would mean for me

And then, how could we not give in
Promise, to keep, to never leave
To seal heart beat with a kiss, to love forever
Dear Father, help us to believe, to be

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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