I walk and walk the many miles just for you.
I give and give until I have nothing more.

I go on and on until I drop or fall,
but I'm searching deep
because I search for it all.

Everyday I die more inside,
eaten alive all by myself
inside of this newfound core,
Because I'm left alive with a life
that only I can sort through!

I just want to see the Sun
rising up so full and so high.
I want to see the Sun set
so huge with glimmering
shadowing bits that glow.

So I'll just believe in this strength
that comes through you to me.
I search for you, but why should I be
the one who has to be
the only one that believes?

Everyday I'm alone and
it's nowhere that I go,
Even when it's my thoughts
that I clearly identify!

I just want to see the Moon
so round and so high,
Beaming me straight into that
silvery glow of eternity's
most famous guiding light.

I want to see the Moon
peering through the lighter
of my brightest day.

I keep seeing all of these
pillow cushioned visions
of just you and me.

Searching for you gives me
the sight of all that I am ever to see.
Everyday I beg and beg
until I hurt that you will stay,
But even now I'm left alone
with life's reality staring in my sight.

I just want so much for the
reality of you and me,
I even want the same air
that your breath shall breathe.

I keep holding onto invisible strength
feeling alive, especially when
you're what my heart needs to believe!

Searching for the all of you
creates the 'I AM' inside
of the person I'm destined to be!

Everyday I'm straightened
by what these eyes of mine can see,
But now I'm left all alone
with what's still left alive and didn't flee.

So I'll just keep searching for you
while I search for what'll be left
of the one and only me.


Ann Rich
Copyright: 1999

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