~ Seasons ~

One season begins and another ends,
All, according to Godís plan!
Summer bows out gracefully
And fall is now across the land.

The leaves are changing color
To red, amber and gold
They truly are an image
For the eyes to behold.

Just a little bit of Heaven
Spread upon the earth this day
I thank God for the beauty
As it takes my breath away.

The leaves they fall so slowly
As they pile upon the ground.
One by one they drop to earth,
And never make a sound.

The frost is on the pumpkins,
And the acorns are falling down.
While squirrels are running everywhere
Gathering treasures they have found.

A harvest moon is glowing
Up in the darkened sky...
The stars, how they twinkle,
Way up in the great divine.

So look upon the beauty,
God has placed, while it lasts.
For it will too soon be going
And be a thing of the past.

Leona Etling © 2006

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