Today I sit and all is peaceful,
That's how life is....... at least these days
I've fixed the house, all tidy, quick,
 Cause now, where clutter's put, it stays.

Today I pottered in the garden,
And then I had the time to write.
I got some coffee and read an email
 A friend sent me in the night.
Today I had spare time,
You'd think that I'd be glad,
But within the solitude,
 I have with God....
Sometimes I feel a little sad.
You see the days of giggles,
 they have gone
The cute faces, the recording of their song
Once there was cubbies and blocks on the floor
Now they study,
 or scurry out the door.
One of the things this mother misses
Is babies in the trolley
 With all the cuddles and the kisses
So when I hear mums getting cross
I say enjoy your treasure...... one day you'll feel the loss
I just look at all the cute toys now,
Remembering.... how I'd buy a treat,
A coloring book, a fairy tale,
Or a strawberry shortcake sweet.
All the nights of reading,
 tables, projects, sums
The running races, cheering with the other mums
Best was holiday fun, a cozy cottage all our own 
Finding special nooks and shells,
 forests tall and paths unknown 
Then there was the teenage years,
When we worked on projects making,
Fun in the garden or Bible stories,
Puppets, parties and all the baking.
One day the house will overflow once more-
Grandies everywhere,
 such blossoms from our four.
This is but a little lull, before the storm of blessing,
So I shall be thankful.....
 for this peaceful resting.
Life rolls over, with kaleidoscope of season,
There's the spring of youth,
 for searching out life's reason.
Then comes summer, with the bloom of life, so rich
So much energy,
 As the babies come, we find our niche.
Suddenly, they've grown,
Uniquely resplendent in Autumn color tone-
They slip from the tree, one by one, to build their home
All goes still...
 As quiet winter, strengthens, the inner core
Reflecting....... until the bloom of spring
 comes around once more.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission

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