~ Sending Love And Kisses ~

Don't make me stand by your grave
I'll shed a river of tears
I won't be able to control myself
I worry about you my dear.

Fighting on a foreign land
Helping people to be free
Insurgents attacking constantly
So from their land you will flee.

Stand your ground and be careful
I need you to come back to me
Always look over your shoulder sweetheart
Listen and hear my plea.

What you're doing you know is right
Unfortunately freedom has a price
These people are depending upon you
Some lives will be sacrificed.

God will hold you in his arms
Just believe that this is true
He will bring you back to me
When this war is through.

Look up at the stars on this night
Hear my words carried on the wind
"I Love You more and more each day
My love to you I send."

Even though you can't be here
A thousand kisses I'll send your way
Your picture I will hold close to my heart
And miss you on this Valentine's Day.

Chee Chee Martin 2006

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