September's Wind

Summer has been great, the best in many a year
The end is upon us and its winter we still fear
The sun is still hot but the wind cools the skin
Just to remind us, a new season is to begin.

Our arms are still bare to catch the last rays of the sun
Yet the leaves changing color, has not yet begun
You can still feel it in the air, a chill right to the bone
To tell us that autumn will come, and make itself at home.

When you're outside, you feel it's effect on you
A message that old mother nature, to her name will be true
September's wind seems to hold one message
That the forests are ready, to show autumn's vestige.

Even if a chill you feel and deep is its bite
The sun will feed all of nature and make things right
Soon it will wane in the strength of resolve
While slowly being covered with the new season's fog.

Gary Salter 2005

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