~ Sequel To A Petal ~

Many days have come and gone
Each commencing with the dawn
Days have turned into many years
And the loss of a mother, once held dear.

Having to go through personal things
Many a tear it does bring
Boxing up items for a sale
Each item has a story to tell.

Removing books from a shelf
Stopping and saying to himself
'Mom I miss you so very much
I miss your laughter and your touch.'

Leafing through pages of many books
When something fell, he had to look
On the floor he found a petal
Something inside him became unsettled.

His brow furrowed as he sat and stared
It fell from a book, placed there with care
He picked it up so gingerly
Trying to bring forth a memory.

It's just a petal, but where's the flower?
Minutes passing had turned into hours
This petal he held in his hand
Trying to recall and understand.

Why his mother put it there
Then suddenly he became aware
A note inside this book was placed
Across each word his fingers traced.

This note helped him to recall
The day that petal came to fall
And how delighted his mother became
His words of that time, were now reclaimed.

A tear slowly rolled down his cheek
This petal was now his to keep
A memory when it was given as a gift
And how it gave his mother a lift.

So he placed the petal back in the book
When he thinks of his mom, he'll take a look
To relive this memory once again
And remember how it was, way back when.


Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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 Midi is used with permission
2002 Bruce DeBoer


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