~ Serve The Lord ~

Jesus my Lord and Savior
You have endured so much
for all have sinned.
Not just one generation, but
all generations.

Jesus you loved us so much
To die for our sins, so we
could be saved.
Would we have done this for you?
I think the world population's actions
answer that question!

I accept you Jesus, as my Lord and Savior,
at this time now, no delays. Now and forever
I will read your Bible, and try to keep all of
Godís Commandments. ~Amen~

This is my personal commitment to you!
I will follow you Jesus in your books of
examples, through Matthew, Mark, Luke
and John. And so many more.

I will take up my cross no matter what is
handed me, feeling comfort in your arms.
It is important to me Lord, to live a good life.
Not judged by men. Judged by you Lord is
all that counts in my heart.

Thank you Jesus for giving us another chance
at eternal life.
With your body and blood, You've taken away the sins
Of us sinners. We have this one last chance. Amen.

© Joyce Ann Geyer
Poet N My Soul
My husband David and I accepted The Lord
September 23rd, 1973 In The New Metropolitan Chapel
In Amherst, NY with Rev Andrews. God Bless

Easter is coming, think for a moment how Jesus
died for all of us, if we only take His road
Quote by Joyce

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