~ Shadows ~

In the shadows of the early evening
There is beauty to behold
If we just take our time to see
Godís creatures come out, we are told

I was at my friendís house; we sat on her porch
It was just before dusk and two fawns appeared
Beauty before us in pure natures form
We were still and didnít want them to see us, we feared

They were foraging for food. not knowing we were there
We just sat and enjoyed Godís beauty of two fawns
I didnít have my camera and wished I had
There they were, right in front, upon the lawn

You see where we live is centered between two creeks
And the land is vast so we have the pleasure of nature
So after the swimming pool and dinner, we relax
Sights of Godís creatures are so filled with adventure

Joyously we sit and enjoy natures view
Hummingbirds hovering flowers and Cardinals in flight
Listening to their tweeting and singing a song
Pretty little yellow birds and blue ones at night

These are the joys God has given us
Every season yields nature and its gorgeous site
Enjoy every moment with friends and nature
Soon we will see the ducks and birds in flight

Then a time later weíll have plenty of snow
So while itís still summer enjoy sights and sounds
Time passes quickly so make it last; take time out
Beauty all around us all so profound

Make time to enjoy life and all of its beauty
All the shadows of dusk are so mesmerizing
Great mountains, rivers, creeks and ocean views
Rejuvenating and hypnotizing


© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007
Poet N My Soul

Seek the Lord, and ye shall liveÖ
Amos 5:6

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