I will not love you just for outward grace
Or turn of eye
Or comely grace
My soul holds more for you
Where hearts are truly placed

I will not come to you
For the delight of outward things
Nor just for all you do
I shall love you for deeper worth
For the loveliness inside of you

For what mystery might you hold
That shall delight my soul
More than all a word may say
I shall treat you far more than well
Than what externals come our way

I shall care for all that is unseen
For age and time will pass
The you I love, the you so dear
Where I connect
Is all we are that shall forever last.

Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

I am very thankful that God brought us together
you are a very special part of my life
even it it is only through the computer world.
But one day we will meet face to face in our new Heavenly place!
I luv ya sis, don't ever forget that...
Jenny Rhoe



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