Talking and Sharing Through Verse
written by Chee &

For all the beautiful poetry you send
For all the words that touch someone's heart
You are an instrument of God
And you are doing your part.

You're spreading His words to lost souls
In rhythm and in rhyme
You're helping to do some of God's work
Your rewards in heaven will be divine.

And when he calls your spirit home
The lives you've touched will shine through
Such accolades and words of praise
Will be directed right to you.

This soul of yours is something to behold
It was created in heaven above
But you've nurtured it and filled it
With spirituality and so much love.

Every verse you have spoken is sincere and unique,
You have so much love in every word you speak.
God has truly blessed me far more than I deserve,
You help to straighten out the road,
when Satan throws a curve.

It's time to say Goodbye for now,
and until we speak again,,
I want you to know that you are truly,
a very cherished Friend.
It's only miles that separate,
the Friendship we share each day,
And I'll forever hold you in my heart,
because you're there to stay.

So God Bless You, in all the things you do,,
Please know that I will always, be thinking of you.
You have been the main attraction of my life this year,
And I'll forever hold, each second so very dear.

If ever there comes a time. that you are feeling sad,
Always remember, that life is really not that bad.
And as long as this old computer, is running just like new
I'll forever and always be on the other side for you. :-)

So we will call it a day today
Our rhyming will come to an end
But I'll never forget the words exchanged
The words that came from a dear friend.

Blessed am I to have met you
Through technology called Cyber Space
A friendship has formed by the stoke of a key
Even though we've not met face to face.

How strange it is to form a friendship
And to give a piece of your heart
And know deep down in our soul
This friendship will never part.

Days will turn into months
And months will turn into years
But dear friend know this
I am here to wipe away your tears.

Sadness may darken your door
But Happiness will too
I will always be here
To share each one with you.

~To Be Continued~

Chee Chee Martin & Brenda King 2005

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