Talking and Sharing Through Verse
written by Bren &

In all this world, however did I find,
someone as wonderful as you?
A sister in my life, I just never had,
which kind of makes my world rather blue.

God knew my need and answered my prayer,
He sent me an angel with wings.
A piece of Heaven right here on earth,
That is what our Friendship brings.

So sister would be the right word to use,
since each day you become more like family,
You'll never know just how much you mean,
To someone as lonely as me.

Ah, we can thank the inventor of the computer,
It draws those so far away so near.
Strangers once are now so close,
And the friendships we've made we hold dear.

God knew this gap of distance,
Needed to be overcome.
To pull His people together,
And sisters we've become.

So give your computer a big hug,
And while you're at it, a kiss too.
Because of this wonderful invention,
You will no longer have to be blue!

What in the world would I do,
Without a Friend like You?
Where in the world would I be,
If you were not standing beside me?

Such words of kindness come my way,
I am so thankful for you each passing day.
You have changed my life in so many ways,
I so look forward to yet better days.

Who would've ever thought such a little machine,
could bring such happiness in the distance between.
This little computer of mine is far more than just a gift,
This little computer, because of you, gives my soul such a lift.

Ah my sis, you would get by,
You make friends so easily, that is why.
You never let a day go by,
That you don't dry a tear-filled eye.

You share God's words with everyone,
Because His work is never done.
You have a beautiful shining light,
You brighten up the darkest night.

You've touched so many hearts I know,
You've helped to soften each devastating blow.
So I'm not alone in saying this,
To everyone you are a "sis".

If I had wings and I could fly
and a halo that shines bright,
I'd be the Angel that you need,
on any dark and gloomy night.

Even in your time of grief,
such kind things you have to say.
You are a bright and shining star,
that truly helps to lighten my way.

You are the sister I never had,
you do make dreams come true,
I prayed and asked God for a Friend,
He answered and sent me, You.

Even though we're miles apart,
He meant for us to be,
Happy in the Love He gives,
To all His Family!!

But you do have wings, my dear friend,
You've kept them hidden, I contend.
You are an Angel, you shine so bright,
You've kept your halo hidden from sight.

You've helped me in my time of need,
My heart was broken and it did bleed.
With words so sweet and words so wise,
You helped me up, you helped me rise.

My sis you live so far away,
But you still manage to brighten my day.
Rough times have visited me that's for sure,
But you continually give more and more.

You never ask for anything in return,
Lessons from you, we could all learn.
To be like you, so full of love,
You are an angel from above.

You truly have a talent here,
So gifted, with all you have to say.
Your words express the beauty,
That within your heart does lay.

We bring out the good in each other,
A unique, but rare gift to find,
Poetry always seems to say,
What's hidden in the heart and mind.

I am proud to be in the family,
Who write about Love, Friendship, and God,
And I am glad that I could lighten
the load on the road you trod.

God knew that you would need me,
To help ease the pain un-forseen,
So he brought me into your life,
through this lovely little machine.

So I will say Goodbye for now,
And catch you again soon,
Sis, I hope and I pray,
That you have a lovely afternoon. :-)

So now's the time to say goodbye,
And go about our daily chores.
Catching up on what we should've done,
And getting to the store.

This afternoon has gone so fast,
But you've made it pleasurable in every way.
Exchanging our poetry back and forth,
You had me smiling this whole day.

The grief I've endured these past few days,
Has left me sad and blue.
But this afternoon I've smiled a lot,
And it's all because of you.

So sweetie let's log-off our computers,
And get our chores all done.
We'll meet here tomorrow bright and early,
And again we'll have some fun.

~To Be Continued~

Brenda King & Chee Chee Martin   2006

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