~ Sharing My Words At Christmas ~

I can not buy you presents
Or send a pretty Christmas card
But I can share these simple words
That I send both near and far.

I may not be a princess, star
Or a ravishing beauty queen
I may not be a Donald Trump
Or an extra on a movie screen.

I may not have a way with words
But my thoughts are simple, pure
I may not write a lot for you
But the love's from God for sure.

I may not wear designer clothes
Or buy those Nike tennis shoes
I am just a little plain old Jane
Who loves to share the Lord with you.

The only thing I know to be
Is the bestest friend I can
To share my heart with love
And reach out with loving hand.

So, as I close this little rhyme
I send my heartfelt kisses, hugs
I send my warmest wishes
And I send my prayers of love.

Sandra J. Edwards

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