~ She ~

She's seen her share of hardships,
She's seen her share of pain.
She's walked through many valleys,
But she's done none of it in vain.

She's been walked on by others,
She's been judged here and there,
But when it comes to the pain of many,
She still reaches out through prayer.

No matter what life has handed her,
No matter how hard the blow.
She'd rather help another in trouble,
And that extra mile she'd go.

She doesn't have a set of wings,
Or a magnificent halo shining bright.
Instead she has a heart of gold,
That outshines the stars at night.

She loves the Lord God, Almighty,
With every beat of her heart.
There's no one in the whole wide world,
That she would let tear that love apart.

So God has given her a gift with words,
That she shares with so many each day.
Her poetry seems to be rewarding,
To those who read it along the way.

She could be any one of these poets,
On any one of these beautiful card sites.
She could be any one of these women,
Who's written for you, that one special write.

Brenda D. King January 2007

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