God's flock has many talents
To bring the lost to Him
Some write poetry, and sonnets
Touching hearts, so He may win

Words upon a piece of paper
Have more impact than we know
Bringing in the lost to Jesus
Oh, what little seeds we sow!

Many have the gift of caring
Making sure one is not lost
Bringing much hope to the dying
No matter what the cost

Some give all to save another
Even if it means their life
Look at our many men & women
In other lands, dealing with strife

Too many take this life for granted
Too many turn the other way
Not knowing that they're lost
That's where God's flock, comes into play

We are all here for a reason
To help those of us who roam
So in the end they'll not miss out
For we, God's flock, will lead them home

Debbie Looney 2005

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