~ The Shepherd's Step ~
Can you picture in your mind,
A sheepdog on a hill.
He has in mind to do
Only as the shepherd will.

From a tiny little pup,
He has learned the Master's mind,
With trust he now obeys..
For his master has been kind.
He knows the Shepherd's step
From the bond down through the years,
 All else becomes of nought,
As the Master's voice, he hears.
Does the dog mind every day,
That he has to work with sheep?
 His heart beats for the Master's work
Devotion is so deep.
He has no care for comfort,
Will obey at any cost,
 Sacrifice his very life,
To save a sheep that's lost
If he hears a howling call,
Where another love is found,
Will he wrench away and break,
The love that has him bound?
If he sees a frisky rabbit...
Does he take off for the chase?
Will he wander as he chooses?
No, his eyes stay on One face.

Could there be a better master
Or another greener hill?
 He knows no longing, only joy,
For His Master says,
Be still.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2002 used with permission

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