The snow has gone
The roads are clear
So go, put on your fancy gear,
Will it fit?
Can you find last years cool gloves 'n' hat
For shopping day is here.

Count all the winter savings
Wasted in that piggy bank,
Hey, all your clothes
are dull and boring
From just hanging on the rack.

So go, rev up the frozen engine
Today's spring cleaning time,
Out with the old
In with the new
While the days are warm and fine.

How about those latest trends
Have you seen the world at large
Where's hot to shop...
My, after hibernation
To even know what's what.

But, just go, stock up the vital vittles
Everything you want
You'll need the lot,
Oh, don't forget your comfy shoes
You'll be shopping 'til you drop.

Hold it, don't go yet, back up, slow down
Why not drop in on all the shut-ins
They too have been lonely, stop with them awhile,
Take some cookies, bake some cakes
Go share that loving smile.

Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

I like to give willingly;
when I give willingly,
 I enjoy it so much I give again.


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By Gabrio "KBL" Secco


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