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~ Show Yourself Friendly ~

I've lived long enough to know
That the proper thing to do
Is speak to some one passing
Before they speak to you

You must show yourself friendly,
If you wish to make a friend
So be the first to take the step
That will cause a friendship to begin
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Most folks I've met along the way
Are just longing for a friend
Some are not quite sure tho
Just how they should begin

So they go their lonely way
They're beaten down and weary
Not motivated by much
Accept life as dull and dreary
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Always keep this thought in mind
"Show yourself friendly each day"
You will see how much you've done
To help them find their way

To a beautiful friendship
They were able to build
Because you took the first step
See how much better you feel?

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littlesistersbar1.jpg - 14050 Bytes

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