~ The Silent Heart ~

Amid all noise, and chaos
There's a silence that surrounds
A place of calm, and quiet
A place where peace abounds

Within the chambers of my soul
A presence forever sewn
Someone whispering to me softly
A voice, I've forever known

Although, a face I cannot see
I truly know someone is there
Helping me with everything
Always giving love, and care

I feel it in my spirit
The love this person brings
Forever tending to me
A King, above all Kings

I know my life's predestined
For something good, someday
I also know who's with me
Many hours throughout the day

It is my precious Jesus
Who gives to me His light
And someday soon He's coming
His face will be in sight

Debbie Looney 2006


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Midi by Margi Harrell

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